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Hey Everyone!!

Susan G. Komen’s MORE THAN PINK virtual walk is around the corner in the NW, and I need your support.

WHY I am so passionate about this…  

During my lifetime and as a survivor, I have seen my so many women (and several men), young and old diagnosed with breast cancer.

What you may or may not know…

I am a 20-year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at age 31, with an aggressive tumor in 1999. In addition to my journey which included several surgeries, chemotherapy and all sorts of other stuff.  I unfortunately shared this disease with my wonderful, amazing Mother.  After surviving the disease with her first occurrence in her early 40's... she was devastated to hear it had reoccurred (almost 20 years later) in her early 60's, as metastatic breast cancer.  She lived those 10 years with so much goodness, laughter and love… you would have never known she was sick. Unfortunately, she lost her battle and the cancer took her life in 2010.  She like so many others faced diagnosis, treatment and challenges with such courage, grace and tenacity. My Mom is my HERO, and I want to celebrate her life this year again, by providing hope to others.  I feel strongly that part of her legacy is how she was able to motivate me, as well as, many others to continue to live our lives to the fullest… and make a difference.

I am sharing my story with you today, because 63 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed, and 11 people will lose their battle with this disease every week right here in in the Pacific Northwest. A startling, and unacceptable statistic. 

So, why am I a part of the virtual walk this year… it’s because I will never give up on finding a better way to detect, treat and end this disease. Komen supports a renewed commitment to do this, in addition to the celebration of survivorship, and a time to honor those we have lost along the way.

Join me and BE MORE THAN PINK this year!

Remember no donation is too big, or small.

With my sincerest thanks!!!


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